3 July 2016

a month in a nutshell ♡ 2016.06

I can't believe it's already time for a month in a nutshell again... life has been so busy this month.
I can't wait for my summer vacation, that will start in a couple of weeks - though there will probably be a lot to take care of the next couple of months, too.

Let's start with a small résumé of June.

 I got Manaphy from the #Pokemon20 June event (don't forget to download Shaymin, that is available for July! - you can get it for free as a mystery gift download for Pokémon X/Y and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby).
And of course tried to tend for my still growing town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I have way too many flowers and need to sort them out to finally landscape once I have enough time for it - after my exams.

 I helped sorting out things at my internship office and found these cute decorations and magnets I could play around with for a bit before they were sold at the summer festival yesterday (I managed to grab 4 of the sushi/sashimi magnets for one of my friends though).

 I had delicious lunch and tried to work on my project paper on the go. I actually finished it in one day... which was crazy but somehow I made it.
For lunch I had this really good combi at Wok To Walk, where you can choose all of your ingredients. I got udon noodles with fried vegetables (and egg) and extra broccoli in teriyaki sauce (usually I take it with chicken, too but I didn't have enough change left in my wallet for that).

 Some more study compensation: even more Animal Crossing and handmade onigiri / breakfast date with my friend Eo and selfmade strawberry jam.

 I didn't take a lot of selcas during the month because most of them didn't turn out well and I was too stressed to bother. The one above was taken before I went to a reception at the Japanese embassy and looked decent at least.

 In contrast to the lack of selcas, I took a lot of photos of flowers and the nature around me when I was on walks with my dog, to carry the calm, the fresh air and warm wind a little further with me.
I can't emphasize enough what an amazingly calming and healing effect nature and these small escapes have for me (and of course one of my cats, who loves to sleep in flowerpots and looked too adorable).

I hope you enjoyed how many photos are in this update. I try to take in as many impressions as possible for the next months too and hope you enjoyed June. It was really hot a week or so ago but I finally managed to get used to it (and the weather got easier to handle again, anyway).
Let's see what the next month will bring!

What was your personal highlight in June?
Tell me in a comment below.

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