24 October 2015

Seoul: 남산공원 ♡ N Seoul Tower

After the afternoon we spent with my dear friends at 이대, that I talked about here
the boyfriend and I went back to our hostel to rest a bit since we were still jet-lagged. 
Later that night we pulled ourselves together to visit 남산공원 - the Namsan Park and N Seoul Tower 
for our 300 Days anniversary date.

In Korea couples usually don't count the months they are together but the days, celebrating every 100days with dates and the cute stuff most of the Western world's couples do to their monthly anniversary or something similar. I honestly prefer this tradition because actually counting the days sounds so much cuter and the time between those anniversaries is around 3months each which gives enough time to prepare something extraordinary if you are this kind of person.
Anyway, since he noticed how fascinated I was after seeing the tower from afar the night before when we rode a taxi, we decided to go up to the observation deck and spend some time there.
I don't remember which station we went to with the metro but it turned out to be quite far from it anyway and we walked for a good 20 minutes before we arrived at the first lift that takes you to the cableway that brings you up to the tower's foot. But I'm sure there is a bus connection or something similar that provides easier access.

We arrived pretty late, only about 40minutes before they closed the area again but it was still enough time for us to look around, take some photos and visit one of the souvenir stores where I bought a handful of postcards to send to my family or keep for myself.
The N Seoul Tower, 엔서울타워, is a TV tower on the mountain Namsan (243m) which is why it's called Namsan Tower as well. Though it was altered in 2005, the original tower was built 1969-1975. The tower is equipped with a restaurant, an open terrace and two internal viewing platforms. Beside that you can find a teddy bear museum and other exhibitions at its foot, making it a pretty popular destination for tourists and couples.
One of the most outstanding observations I made - beside the wonderful skyline photos I could take - was how massive and omni-present the couple culture in Korea is and how visible it becomes at places like that. I'm sure you know about those love-padlocks couples put up around bridges as symbol for their love and how they want to be together forever?
Yeah, well I'm pretty sure most of the places around here would fade helplessly in comparison to what you find at the observation deck of Namsan Tower.

They actually put up steel-racks around the area - the shapes that now faintly remind of Christmas trees, but all fence-related objects are swamped with padlocks. 
Frankly, we got a padlock for ourselves though... it's not like one more makes a difference, right?

Another highlight is the way that you can walk down from the platform if you don't want to wait in line forever to get back down via cable car. It's adored with trees and flowers of both sides and especially at night it looks magical close to the platform due to the patterns the lanterns and trees and probably a shaped shade draw on the ground. We actually walked down in the end because the weather was really nice and we couldn't sleep the first couple of nights anyway. I wouldn't exactly recommend it if you are sensitive to aching muscles, though.

I'm really happy I could see the skyline of Seoul and the tower so early during my trip and I really enjoyed this as our little date because I'm usually not the extravagant kind of person.
The visit to N Seoul Tower and the Namsan Park was actually one of my personal highlights of my vacation and I would definitely visit it again because I just can't get enough of the view and this special kind of atmosphere. 

Would Namsan make it onto your personal bucket list for a trip to Seoul?
Tell me in a comment below.

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