1 March 2016

a month in a nutshell ♡ 2016.02

It's already time to welcome March 2016, time sure flies.
This also means that it is about time to share February stories and impressions in the usual nutshell with you.
I finished this semester's lecture period a couple of weeks ago, got a really good mark for my Japanese exam and currently work on my term paper, when I'm not cleaning or playing Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.
But let's see what February was all about, next to the exam period that I motored through.


I bought my second Animal Crossing amiibo figure when I was on a small shopping spree with my family to get rid of some of the stress I burdened myself with unnecessarily.
A couple of days later, a parcel full of super cute presents arrived at my doorstep - I blogged about it here - when my two friends Alyssa and Carole sent me souvenir's from their Japan trip.
I ate all the sweets by now and their photo has a special place on my newly cleaned desk.


After my exam and seminars and lectures were all finally over, I tried to slow down a bit and grant myself some relaxation (which honestly is kind of hard for me at times).
I finally got my last villager for my town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and started landscaping now, drank a lot of tea and finally finished one of the books that I got as a Christmas present: Binge from Tyler Oakley. I can highly recommend it. I laughed so much and also cried one time. I'm still amazed by the humor but also all the sincerity, I felt met with while reading (yes, one of the chapters is called 'What Michelle Obama smells like').


While on the earlier mentioned shopping spree I found this super fluffy, pink hoodie with ears.
My little sister had gotten a similar jacket in brown with bear ears the day before we went shopping for my things but they didn't have it in the store hers was from anymore.
I was more than delighted when we found another choice of hoodies in another store and they even had prettier colors. As a result, my mom and I both have flappy eared hoodies now that are just too cute (hers is white and mine is pink) and since the ears are too big for bears, I decided to call it a lamb hoodie. It's one of the coziest things to wear to cuddle up with tea, a book or a game.
Last Friday then, my boyfriend and I finally had a date day again, after we had to pass on Valentine's Day. I was exhausted from my exams and he had a deadline due to the 15th.
In short, we decided to postpone V-Day, having our own little thing last week with Japanese lunch, cinema, a bit of window shopping and a small concert in the evening, where one of my best friends performed.
As you will be able to guess from the photo, we went to watch Deadpool and I think it was quite fun. I'm always surprised how much I enjoy the marvel movies, since superhero comics never were in the field of my personal interest when I grew up.


I hope that I will get a bit more productive again this week, and finish my term paper asap (I didn't start the main text yet), so that I can concentrate on my internship that will start in two weeks.
I hope you spent February well and could enjoy a lot of great moments.

What was the best thing that happened to you this month?
Tell me in a comment below.

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