22 July 2015

旅心は里心になった。♡ yen to see distant places

"wanderlust became homesickness." is the title of today's update. 
The last about my trip to Japan, back in spring 2014. I can't believe how long it took me to actually share everything I experienced and I still think there are a lot of things, I could not include or simply wasn't able to express with words.

I remember that I read about the first trips of other blogger's on their blogs and some told sweeping stories how they saved up money for years to finally be able to go to Japan and fulfill their biggest dream.
I don't have a story like that and sometimes I wondered wether I was even 'worth' going to Japan when I didn't have to sacrifice something you could compare to those people who wouldn't eat lunch properly to save up the pocket money instead.
In the end there are more lucky people, and some who learn early to work hard for their dreams.
I think I learned this through other experiences and am now positive that I'm not lacking any of this or am a bad person, just because I am blessed with a grandmother, who granted me one of my biggest wishes and actually paid for my flight and the flat I stayed in.
I can't say often enough how grateful I am for that and I honestly learned so much from that woman from childhood already, seeing that she was the one who brought me to museums and introduced me to all the different cultures on Earth in early years already.


The sole fact of being there and being part of something, breathing in the air and atmosphere of different places I only visited in my dreams before...
It's never quite like you imagine and I'm far from saying that Japan is the perfect country, being in the position to learn more about its situation in my studies, but still it is a country that woke my interest when I was still a child and I couldn't (neither did I want to) shake it off yet.


One of the biggest impressions and memories I locked up in my heart, were the first, the most trivial but also the most outstanding moments - like watching Tokyo's skyline and the stars, or walking home from the train station together with my best friend...
I want to be honest, even if it may sound really cheesy and weird but I felt connected and at ease when I visited these places. It was as if a part of me was coming home and I felt a similar pain as homesickness when I had to leave again.
We broaded the train to the airport after one month and my heart felt so cold and heavy in my chest that I just cried for the whole train journey, watching the landscape of Tokyo and the cherry blossoms that had started to bloom.

As some kind of resumé, I will include links to all the blogposts I made for that trip here, so that I - and you of course - can go back whenever we want and read them once again.


I hope you enjoyed my updates and look forward to my next trip at least half as much as I do.
With this updated I also have to announce a temporal hiatus since I'm not sure if and how regularily I'll be able to update during the next five weeks, that I will spend in South Korea - as you could already read between the lines.
Obvioulsy I'm excited and can't wait to see all the new, interesting places and take lots and lots of photos to later share with you, guys.


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Have a great time and enjoy your summer vacation!
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